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The Law College of the Americas is the premiere paralegal institute preparing our students for the practical working world and an essential building block in entering the subfields of Law, Business, Corporate Management and Human Resource.  Our programme which will begin September 2021 are, see our attached flyer:- 

Diploma In Paralegal Studies Tuition $85,000

                  Duration: 12 months

Diploma in Medicolegal Studies (Paralegal and Medical Assistant) $125,000

                  Duration: 13 months 

Associates in Paralegal Studies  Tuition $145,000


How do I qualify? 


Diploma Course 

For the Diploma in Paralegal Studies any student with at least one(1) CSEC subject in Math, English, Principles of Accounts/ Principles of Business, Electronic Document Processes  Management (EDPM) or Office Management, any of the sciences or other related CSEC subject can apply to the Diploma Course. 


To apply please click below