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A Trade name of Onlie Medics


The Online Medical and Paralegal Institute (trading as Online Medics) is registered with the NCTVET as the premiere paralegal and Allied Health educational institution preparing our students for the practical working world and acts as an essential building block in entering the subfields of Allied Health, Law, Business, Corporate Management and Human Resource.  Our programmes include the following:


Certificate In Paralegal Studies Level 2 Tuition $75,000

                  Duration: 6 months

Certificate In Medical Assistance Level 2 Tuition $75,000

                  Duration: 6 months

Certificate In Medical Assistance Level 3 Tuition $75,000

                  Duration: 6 months

Certificate in Medicolegal Studies (Paralegal and Medical Assistant) $95,000

                  Duration: 6 months

Certificate in Business Management with a focus in Healthcare Administration. $40,000

                  Duration: 4 Months


Advanced Certificate: Certificate in Supervisory Management with Specialization in Heathcare Management. $40,000

                  Duration: 4 Months

How do I qualify? 


Certificate Course 

For the certificate any student with at least one(1) CSEC or City and Guilds subject or higher in Math, English, Principles of Accounts/ Principles of Business, Electronic Document Processes  Management (EDPM) or Office Management, any of the sciences or other related CSEC subject can apply to the Certificate Course.


Prior certification or experience may be required for advanced certificate.


To apply please click below



Healthcare and Law are the least saturated industry worldwide, meaning you are likely to get employed in healthcare and law than any other sector.


Career opportunities related to Paralegal certification include but not limited to:

  • Paralegals or Legal Assistants

  • Administrative Assistant

  • Legislative Assistant

  • Human Resources Representative

  • Compliance Officer

  • Law Enforcement Officer

  • Bankruptcy Petition Preparer

  • Collections Specialist

  • Legal Secretary

  • Tax Preparer

Career opportunities related to Medical Assistant certification include but not limited to:

  • Medical or Physician Assistant

  • Medical office assistant

  • Certified nursing assistant

  • Medical administrative assistant

  •  Patient care technician

  • Patient service representative

  • Dental receptionist

  • Licensed practical nurse

  • Occupational therapy assistant

The healthcare and legal fields are currently the fastest-growing industries, with job opportunities available for candidates of all levels of experience. It might surprise you to learn that you don't need a medical degree, or even a four-year degree, to work in the medical field or legal field. In fact, many healthcare jobs only require a few months of education. 

Make that change now and apply today.


A Trade name of Online Medics. All fees paid for our programs are non-refundable after 30 days of commencing the program

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